Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection Report for St Christopher’s School 2016

The Success of the School 

Main Findings:

“The school is highly successful in achieving its aim of providing its pupils with the best possible start to their education. Pupils attain high standards across the curriculum and enjoy considerable success in their extra-curricular endeavours. Pupils of all ages apply their skills, knowledge and understating in literacy and numeracy with confidence in a wide range of contexts, and display mature attitudes to learning. They are reflective and determined learners who rise eagerly to a challenge. The wide-ranging curriculum offers a wealth of opportunities for pupils to learn and achieve. The teaching is excellent and is characterised by detailed planning and assessment which ensure that pupils’ needs and achievements are taken into account, and pupils of all ages and abilities make excellent progress”

“Pupils personal development is excellent throughout the school. They are extremely sociable and take on considerable levels of responsibility with confidence and pride. Relationships between adults and pupils are excellent and facilitate the swift resolution of any difficulties. Arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare, health and safety of pupils are excellent.”

“Leadership and management are excellent throughout the school. Knowledgeable and dedicated leaders provide clear educational direction and constantly seek to improve the school. They ensure that high quality staff are recruited and well supported in order to provide high quality teaching. Governance of the school is excellent. The governing body is highly effective in its oversight of the school and the achievement of its aims. Relationships with parents are excellent.”

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