Staff & Governors 2018-2019

Headteacher Mrs Annie Thackray
Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral) Mrs Jane Garrod
Deputy Headteacher (Academic) Mrs Lisa Meredith-Bennett
Foundation Stage
Teaching Staff Mrs Lisa Meredith-Bennett P/ T Reception Teacher (Mars Class)
Mrs Louisa Taperell P/T Reception Teacher (Mars Class), 1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Mrs Laura Fisher Reception Teacher (Neptune Class)
Mrs Hilary Burke Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Julia Self Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emma London Nursery Teacher & EYFS Co-ordinator
Mrs Rosemary Rendall Lead Nursery Nurse, 1st Aider (First Aid at Work)
Miss Kate Rendall Nursery Teacher & Manager Information Technology
Mrs Chris Ansell Foundation Stage Asst, 1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Mrs Julie Dye Foundation Stage Asst, 1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Mrs Caroline Headdey Foundation Stage Asst, 1st Aid Leader
Mrs Lisa Savill Foundation Stage Asst
Mrs Marrie Taylor Foundation Stage Asst, 1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Miss Holli Zhao Foundation Stage Asst
Upper School
Teaching Staff Mrs Kate Chandler P/T Year One Teacher (Saturn Class)
Mrs Jenny Leyland P/T Year One Teacher (Saturn Class)
Miss Alison Kay Year One Teacher (Jupiter Class), After-School Care Leader, 1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Mrs Janine Clark Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Richardson Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jennie Skilton Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Elizabeth Russell Year Two Teacher (Venus Class)
Mrs Jane Garrod Year Two Teacher (Mercury Class)
1st Aider (Paediatric First Aid)
Mrs Lisa King Year Two Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rosemary Rendall Year Two Teaching Assistant
Specialist Teaching Staff Miss Shona Louvel Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Jules Degg Art Director
Mrs Helen Mulhern Music Teacher
Mrs Sarah Pryor PE Teacher
Mrs Claire Reid Modern Languages Teacher
Non-teaching Staff Mrs Helen Serrano Bursar
Miss Nicola Green Finance Assistant
Mrs Helen Blake School Secretary
Mrs Gill Ventris School Secretary
Mrs Kathy Waite Catering Supervisor
Ms Andrea Brown Senior Catering Assistant
Mrs Katrina Culligan Catering Assistant
Mr Neal Bennett Premises Manager
Mr John Kight Premises Assistant
Mrs Sandra Barnes After-School Care Assistant
Ms Andrea Brown After-School Care Assistant
Mrs Pippa Lindley After-School Care Assistant
Mrs Ruth Thum Librarian
Mrs Claire Giles Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Luisa Thurston Lunchtime Supervisor

“The quality of leadership and management, including links with parents, carers and guardians, is excellent. Leaders and managers at all levels are highly successful in promoting the aims of the school.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

“The contribution of teaching is excellent. Teachers throughout the school are well supported by knowledgeable assistants who provide excellent support with activities and in lessons. The teacher’s enthusiasm and strong rapport with their pupils create a highly productive learning environment in which pupils can flourish.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

Helen Crossley Chair, Academic & Curriculum, Child Protection & Safeguarding, School Development, Bursaries
Adam Goldman Deputy Chair, Legal Matters, School Development, Finance
Richard Harris Finance, Chair Finance Committee
Jacqui Raggett Secretary, Marketing , Finance
Nigel Field Parent Communication, School Development
Colin Lott Health & Safety, Premises
Kirsty Park Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development, E-Safety

“The governance of the school is excellent. The governing body exercises highly effective oversight of the school. Governors play a key role in school improvement, reviewing the development plan termly with management, and providing an invaluable combination of support and challenge to leadership. They are well known to staff, parents and pupils, who feel able to communicate freely with them.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

Helen Crossley – Chair, Academic & Curriculum, School Development, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Bursaries

I became a governor in 2012 following my retirement as Head of Junior School at Ewell Castle. I previously held the post of Deputy Head of the Junior School at City of London Freemen’s School. I still work on a part-time basis, mentoring BA and PGCE student teachers when they are working in schools. I took over as Chair in November 2016.

My role as a governor at St Christopher’s is especially concerned with curriculum matters, bursaries, Child Protection and Safeguarding and School Development.

It is a pleasure to be able to use the experience I gained, throughout my career, in a strategic role within such a high achieving school. A school in which everyone is working together to give an outstanding start to the journey through life for our young pupils.

Adam Goldman – Deputy Chair, Legal, School Development, Finance

I have been a governor of St Christopher’s since 2012.  I am a solicitor and have spent the past twenty years working in-house for a large retail organisation.  I am married with three children and have lived in Epsom since 1994.  As well as attending governors’ meetings, school events and governors’ visits to School, I also sit on the Finance sub-committee.  I am committed to supporting the School and its staff, pupils and parents by helping to ensure that it is financially sound and able to meet the many and various demands placed upon it.

Two of my children attended St Christopher’s from Nursery and still talk about it with love and affection some ten years and more later.  I am delighted to have become involved with the school again and to see it going from strength to strength.  It is a privilege to play a small part in the crucial early years of our pupils’ education and to observe them flourishing as they move up through the school.

Jacqui RaggettJacqui Raggett – Secretary, Marketing, Finance

I became a governor in 2002. My children had the best possible start to their education at St Christopher’s and I was keen to “put something back”.  I also felt I could put to good use the knowledge and experience which I had gained as a committee member of the PTA and PTA Chair for two years.

Having previously served as Chair of governors, I am currently Secretary to the Board of Governors and my role focuses on marketing within the School.  I am delighted that St Christopher’s successfully maintains its special core values, whilst providing the very highest standards of modern early years education.

Nigel FieldNigel Field – Parent Communication, School Development

I have had the pleasure of being a governor of St Christopher’s since 2013.  For the past twenty-four years I have been working as an estate agent in Kennington, South London where I run my own franchised business.

I spent most of my early years living in the local area and moved away in my early twenties and returned to Ewell in 2007. I am married with three children, who all attended St Christopher’s and we have many happy memories of their start to education there. We feel the school contributed a huge amount, building a solid foundation for their future.  Returning as a governor to the school is a small thing I can do to repay the kindness and dedication they gave to our children.

My role is Parent Communication and School Development. I also chair the Parent Forum and liaise with the Chair of Governors regarding the parents’ questionnaires. I also attend a number of meetings and school events. It is always a great pleasure seeing the pupils fully engaged in an array of school activities.


Colin LottColin Lott – Premises, Health & Safety

I am married with three sons, each of whom enjoyed and benefited from their time at St Christopher’s between 1999 and 2005.  They all have very happy memories of their time at the school and their closest friends today are the ones they made at St Christopher’s.

I am an architect in private practice and was invited to join the governing body following close involvement in a successful project to build two new classrooms above the Hall, some ten years ago.  Since then, I’ve been delighted to contribute my particular area of knowledge and expertise to the enthusiastic team of governors, staff and parents who make up the family that is St Christopher’s.

As a member of the team overseeing the school’s future direction, I continue to enjoy playing a small role in the vision of constant improvement and development of St Christopher’s.  It’s a vision that has seen the school cement its reputation in the local community and it’s a privilege to be part of a school that creates such a strong foundation in education.

Kirsty Park – Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development and E-Safety

I became a school governor in 2017 just after our daughter left St Christopher’s.

Having so recently experienced and appreciated the exceptional all-round education and positive impact St Christopher’s has had on our daughter, I was delighted to be invited onto the Board of Governors and volunteer my time which has allowed me to continue being involved with the school.

My role on the Board focusses on the important areas of Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development and E-Safety.

I have over 20 years policing experience in the Metropolitan Police working in a diverse range of roles. I am really enjoying using my skills and experience to work collaboratively with the team of dedicated governors, hard-working staff, supportive parents and of course the lovely children that make St Christopher’s the inspirational and successful school that it is.