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The term has started and everyone is back. We were absolutely delighted to be able to welcome parents back onto the school grounds and every day has felt like a party day with parents overjoyed to be able to mix and chat. The overwhelming atmosphere is one of gratitude.

We are all so thankful to have stepped away from the restrictions and worries connected with the pandemic and at the moment, we are not taking small pleasures such as time to talk and be together, for granted.

The children are also grateful for the return to normal activities such as our hugely popular House Assembly where children gather together in the Hall in their brightly coloured House t-shirts to sing and wave their House flags before heading off hand in hand to their designated zone where they enjoyed a chapter by their House author.

The teachers are grateful for the chance to plan and prepare for School Trips to enhance their termly topic and everywhere there is a buzz of energy and activity.

This week we had three Parent Information Evenings and what a difference a year makes. Last year these were conducted via a Zoom link and everything felt flat as the parent reactions were muted behind tiny boxes. This year with glasses of wine in hand we enjoyed interesting and interactive fun delighted to once again be in the same room together where asking questions felt relaxed and easy. How did I feel? Very, very grateful.

Annie Thackray