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Marvellous March

St Christopher’s School is a busy place to be but March seems to have been one of the busiest months yet! This year March began with our Poetry Recital Grand Final. Following a whole week of poetry with every child in the school from 3-7 learning and reciting a poem, three children were picked from each class to perform in the final before two judges. The Governors judging had a wonderful morning but found it hard to separate the finalists who performed with style and confidence well above their years.

The first week of March also contains World Book Day, an international initiative that we are always delighted to support. Just look at the photos in the Whole School News section to get an idea of the scale of creativity that happens both at home and in school. We chose Allan Ahlberg’s Happy Families’ series to inspire both costumes and events this year for example, the children ‘wobbled’ with Miss Wobble the Waitress on a bouncy castle, baked bread with Master Bun the Baker’s Boy and enjoyed water fun with Mr Plug the Plumber outside to name but a few.  To see all the children dressed up is always a joy but I know I am working in the right school for me when I see every member of staff throw themselves into this event with both imaginative costumes and brilliant and energetic activities.

The next big event followed a week later when we welcomed 230 extra children back to school for lunch following our annual Music Festival. It may be the 9th year that we have run this event but it never ceases to delight me when I see choirs of Year 2s from 7 different schools join together for the first time and turn weeks of effort and practice into a reality singing together two ensemble songs with a professional edge that reduces the audience to tears at the sheer beauty of the sound that they make. The Mayor graces this occasion and he commented on the magic of the day. Punctuated with instrumental performances, the schools took to the stage to each perform two songs, one in an international language or tradition, and the enthusiastic clapping could surely be heard across Epsom! After the Festival we all walk back to the school where the children eat together before rushing outside to play and continue the newly blossoming friendships. What a day to treasure.

And so to this week which has seen two days devoted to the special beings known as grandparents. We know that many grandparents take an active part in their family’s lives often helping with extended care or even support with the fees. We all look forward to welcoming them into school to take part in a packed morning of fun. I can never tell who is more delighted, the child or the grandparent because the smiles just keep getting bigger as the morning rolls on.

So there it is! What a lot of magical moments in one month! And of course it is not over yet! Next Friday we have invited into school about 150 mummies for our special Mother’s Day Tea! What a wonderful end to an exceptional month.

Annie Thackray