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Our Annual Reunion

In The third week of January every year we hold our Reunion Tea for the former Year 2s.  Every year it is a joy to see everyone back together again in a variety of school uniforms chatting happily as if no time had passed at all between the time that they were sitting next to each other in their St Christopher’s classroom. They all seem taller and their hair has often taken on a new style but they quickly renew their warm friendships and exchange news about their new schools and friendship groups as we stand and marvel at their maturity and composure.

This annual miracle makes us all stop and think and former teachers across the school pop in during the tea to catch up and the Nursery Team share memories of when the children were very young!  It is true to say that at 3 years old you don’t know what your child will grow to be, what their learning preferences will be or indeed their strengths and weaknesses so during their time at St Christopher’s we gently shepherd our children on, navigating them through their early years giving them the tools that they will need to enjoy success.  In Year 2 something magical happens and we see signs of the skills and strengths that make each one unique and as we identify this we advise and support our parents ready to embark on the next exciting chapter of their educational journey and together we get it right.

‘Together’ is the key word. What makes a successful year group? It is the mix of personalities learning together to grow and care for each other and to be an example to the next generation demonstrating kindness, resilience, intellectual change and value. On Thursday  standing before me was an impressive group of students.  Last year they made a forceful team, appreciating each others’ strengths and supporting each other in times of need. We all felt very proud to have been a part of their lives and I was reminded once again of the privilege of my role in education.  Good luck to Year 2 2017. Keep in touch!

Annie  Thackray