Reception Fun at Bocketts Farm

Reception enjoyed a wonderful, sunny day at Bocketts Farm to enhance their ‘Down at the Farm’ topic. Our day began learning about the important rules to keep us safe at the farm, such as closing gates and washing hands. Then we embarked on a ‘Farmyard Adventure’ which included goat milking, stroking guinea pigs, rabbits and mice and hand feeding sheep, cows and llamas. We also enjoyed an exciting tractor ride where we got to view even more animals who were grazing in the fields such as deer, pigs and alpacas. Whilst meeting and feeding the animals we were given informative talks about the animals and we learnt the names of the mummies, daddies and baby animals, as well as what they like to eat and where they live. After a delicious lunch we had fun exploring the play equipment together in the sunshine. Finally before we headed home we watched the famous pig race and some of us were delighted that the green pig came in first!