The Fathers of Rock

On Friday we were all smiling.  The sun was out and in advance of Father’s Day we held our annual Father’s Day Challenge with a record number of fathers attending.  The Nursery and Pre-Reception children joined the school in singing Love is Something before escorting their lucky dads into the Nursery to enjoy a range of activities and opportunities.  The rest of the school split into 3 groups to enjoy a timetable of three exciting challenges: Obstacle races on the Playground, Horse Trials on the field or Construction Challenges in the bark area.

The children loved having their special guests with them and behaved beautifully as they attempted each of the challenges in turn.  There was competition, excitement and laughter in equal measures and the morning flew by.  Following a well-deserved refreshment break we turned our attention to the latest talent on offer to the world of rock music. Imagine the children’s delight when a newly formed band; The Fathers of Rock took to the stage to end both the proceedings and our wonderful Rock Week in pure style.  They looked and sounded amazing and the whole field leapt to their feet for the encore to dance in scenes that resembled Glastonbury on a sunny day! Thank you so much to our brave fathers and indeed to all the dads who gave up their time to participate in this special day.