Toys in Space!

Imagine our surprise when we came into school to find a letter from the Hoctopize (Alien form Toys in Space by Mini Grey) to say he had taken our class bears Cookie and Zippy. Reception were very motivated to go outside looking for clues using their binoculars they had made, clipboards to write what they found and iPads to take photos. They produced some wonderful writing to create letters for the Hoctopize and were so excited when we received another letter back, that they rushed straight up to Mrs Thackray’s office to read her the letter. Finally on Friday after a whole week of missing our bears, they returned from Space back to St Christopher’s attached to a parachute into our playground! This ended our week with the children wanting to write thank you cards back to the Hoctopize, but not before creating alien paintings by blowing through straws, some clever alien addition and writing down the clues and evidence they had found.