Year One News- ‘Naughty But Nice’ goes to Waitrose

As part of our ‘Naught But Nice’ topic linked to Food and Healthy Eating, we had a very hands on and informative visit to Waitrose in Epsom. First we explored the different products on sale guided by the fabulous Waitrose staff and we even got to use the checkouts where we were allowed to scan the food through the tills. Then we were lucky enough to go into the storerooms, including the very chilly freezers to look at how the food was packaged and where in the world the boxes had come from. Next we put on some white coats and white hats so that we could handle some of the food safely. We thought the fresh fish were cold, slimy and a little smelly! Finally we had a well-deserved drink and snack in the staff canteens before walking back to school a lot more knowledgeable about the food and drinks we all buy each week.