Nursery and Pre-Reception

Being part of a vibrant school is the ticket for inspiration. Our rising 3 and 4 year olds have many opportunities to experience the rich extra-curricular activities available on a termly basis and in addition benefit from the specialist teachers and wonderful activities provided each week.


We create an opportunity to provide a daily morning phonics lesson with irresistible phonics games and activities that is not restricted by age. Accordingly all children benefit from our system which offers challenge and support in equal measures and allows the youngest children to access the highest opportunities.


Our talented and experienced music teacher provides weekly stimulating lessons.

Singing soloists from every year group provide a platform of inspiration and our youngest performers are always keen to get up on stage following the examples that they have seen from others.


Our Art specialist teacher produces termly themes based on the work of a famous artist and uses her experience as an Early Years practitioner to tailor make a syllabus that is right and accessible for every age.

A process driven approach means that our children have supported access to woodwork and metalwork skills in addition to fabric making alongside the wealth of paint and pastels! We have enjoyed success at Regional as well as National art competitions and our art director has been much sought after to be loaned to other schools to pass on her extraordinary talents.


A talented practitioner is the key to meaningful languages at an early age and our Modern Foreign Languages Teacher gets the best out of the children by pitching the level perfectly with weekly French lessons in every year group.


Class Assemblies are enjoyed by the whole school in addition to the performing class’s parents, the tiniest members of our school watch with delight as the assemblies quickly become a mini-production with song, dance and acting in addition to giving us an insight into each class’s topic.


Named after children’s authors, our House System is meaningful and child friendly.

The whole school are part of our House system and this offers an opportunity to add pastoral care by dividing the school into 4 smaller units.  Every term all the children gather in the Hall under their House banner and after a warm greeting and discussion about how to earn Housepoints, the children set off to 4 areas of the school with Year 2s holding the hands of the Nursery children and Year 1s following suit with the Reception children, to hear a chapter by their House author and enjoy an opportunity to get to know their fellow House mates.


Our Rising 3s and 4s enjoy the beautiful grounds when making the most of their sporting opportunities. The House system provides the framework for the competitive annual Sports Day and our Year 2 House Captains are always on hand to provide support and encouragement whilst the Upper school wave their House flags. Other popular opportunities include The Pancake Relay Race where skills of running and flipping pancakes need to be combined with speed and our 1 mile charity run where again the key to success is the pairing of the 6 and 7 year olds with the 3 and 4 year olds as they run the ten lap course.