Experienced and dedicated staff together with small classes in a stimulating environment add together to provide the perfect platform for impressive work progression.


Children in Nursery are provided with opportunities to write and reasons to write which encourages them to experiment as they put pen to paper.  A range of materials and place to write such as chunky pens or chalk outside helps nursery children get excited as they develop their writing skills.

Children in nursery are keen to have a go and begin with things they know.

William is mastering his W at the age of 3.

William, now aged 4 ½  has moved on into Reception. Look at the difference! He is using a tripod pencil grip and writing with confidence.

All of the opportunities to strengthen his fine motor skills and learn to hold a pencil have resulted in a confident young writer. Like Olivia, also in reception, who knows that writing needs finger spaces and needs to travel across the page from left to right. All that and not yet 5!

Encouraging writing is made easy when the children are inspired by having a reason to write. Reception needed to write on behalf of the Big Bad Wolf to the three little pigs expressing his regret for the damage he inflicted to their houses!

Independent writing using basic phonic knowledge together with developing letter formation is regularly celebrated.

Some words are clearer than others but the children grow in confidence as their work is celebrated in such an early form.

This gives our children the confidence to believe in themselves as writers and to develop a love of the written word.  This is a skill that allows our writers to continue their journey as they blossom in Year 1.

Just one term into Year 1 and the challenge is to write about toys supporting their topic work, comparing old and new.  Anna has used all the skills that developed in Nursery followed by Reception and is now using cursive writing.

Anna’s work is completely independent and is celebrated as a wonderful example of development.  In Year 1 separate lessons deal with spelling or handwriting but as you can see all the skills are gradually beginning to come together even though Anna is not yet 6.

Year 1 prepare children for the challenges in Year 2 as writing becomes smaller and neater and the challenge to write with enthusiasm and confidence is met.  Jacob has now developed some wonderful skills and can write his Diary for 1666 with style.  The hard work begun all those years ago in Nursery has come together to help to build an able, keen pupil ready to have a go at any challenge and to shine with the quality of his or her work.