The Art of the Possible

For example, the Dale Chihuly installation at Kew Gardens was too good an opportunity to miss, but glass blowing with infants? Stop...breathe... research non toxic plastic bottles, buy goggles, gloves, masks, decorate and cut said bottles and shape them using the heat from tealights

...use glass paints on other bottles and cut these into curls, pierce them, wire them and attach them to coat-hangers to produce a dazzling display, suspend from above

...spoon PVA glue onto sheets of acetate and sprinkle with coloured ink powder and glitter, allow to dry, peel away from the acetate and use a hole punch and ribbon to create perfect glass-like decorations. (Nursery)

Make thumb pots and add marbles to the glaze firing to produce geode-like creations. (Reception)

Inspired by Anthony Gormley? Sculpt with kitchen foil and attach to aluminium sculpting wire soft enough for the children to cut (press those safety gloves back into action and learn to use wire cutters) and bend and twist to join.

Inspired by the reworking of found materials by Joanne Tinkler? Collect the cork cages from sparkling wine bottles and, gloves and cutters again, but this time with added jewellery pincers, tweak the pieces into miniature chairs. (Year 2)

Cover buttons with sweet wrappers and use soft coloured jewellery wire to combine these into a sculptured piece. (Year 1)

Source embossing tools, sand paper and foam board and learn the repousse method on soft metal foil. Combine this with a London project to cut iconic London shapes, emboss, apply acrylic paint, sand back and wire up with bells and beads to create Christmas decorations. (Year 2)

Bind old cutlery with soft jewellery wire and thread on beads and buttons to create a lunch hall mobile. (Nursery)

Alexander McQueen? Too grown up and controversial. Focus on his collaborations with Philp Treacey and link with a project on the Tudors. Make leather sections which the children can pierce and join to form a Tudor jerkin...

Work in groups to use water-reactive felt to shape hats on polystyrene heads and then dry these to harden and decorate with wired beads and buttons.

Epsom Derby wants a horse decorated. Kan(ter)dinsky is born of the inspiration from Kandinsky’s concentric circles

Our local church would like to collaborate on a flower festival piece based on the Stations of the Cross: Every child works on producing the merino wool felted panels still reused annually by the church. These are compositions of wool strands laid out, hand soaped and agitated in rolled bamboo mats, rinsed, dried and then needle-felted with fine detail.

Acrylic floral scenes applied using palette knives by our 5 and 6 year olds

Over the years, St Christopher’s has won countless awards for their art winning the EYFS National ISA Award in 2022 and again getting through to the National Finals this year. In our most recent Excellent Inspection (June 2023), the Inspectors noted that “Pupils are highly successful in their achievements outside the curriculum and are supported by the specialist teaching and coaching they receive in music, art, and sport. They achieve notable success in art, having recently been awarded first place in regional and national competitions.”