Where Potential Flourishes

Step into the vibrant world of St Christopher’s Pre-Prep, the upper part of the school from Reception through to Year 2, where we specialise in the crucial Early Years, ensuring your child receives the best start for a flourishing future.

As Early Years specialists, we take pride in our excellence in every area of our provision. Academic success is intertwined with a rich exposure to sports, music, drama, art and languages, guided by our dedicated specialist teachers. At St Christopher’s, we nurture not only academic prowess but also a well-rounded skill set.

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom. Outdoor Adventure experiences, exciting school trips, and the integration of IT across the curriculum create a dynamic learning environment. Every child, by the age of 7, holds a position of responsibility, instilling confidence and pride in their abilities.

With small class sizes, we prioritise recruiting high-quality staff to deliver exceptional teaching. Our teaching methods, characterised by detailed planning and assessment, ensure each child’s unique needs and achievements are considered. Our wide-ranging curriculum offers diverse opportunities for learning and achievement.

For additional support, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) intervenes early if needed, ensuring children are confident and secure in their learning journey.

Join us at St Christopher’s Pre-Prep, where excellence meets early education, and every child thrives.