Welcome to St Christopher’s School and Nursery; a place filled with irresistible learning opportunities and sparkling creativity.

A place where pupils flourish, thrive and where each child is encouraged to shine. Our aim is to nurture independent, highly motivated and engaged learners within a dynamic learning environment that is driven by the principles of excellence, empathy and endeavour, which we believe support the future skills needed for a globally connected society.

St Christopher’s is a truly unique school and nursery for 2 ¾ to 7 year old children. We are deeply committed to giving every pupil the best start to their education and development whilst supporting our families through their child’s early years of education, ready for their next stage in their learning journey.

St Christopher’s is built on the principle of genuine partnership with parents and family-centred approaches. This principle of community and nurturing our young children is woven through the very fabric of all we do and together with an intrepid and ambitious experience rich ethos and curriculum, sees our children reach extraordinary heights in their achievements.

We place a strong emphasis on high standards of manners, good behaviour and striving to be the best version of yourselves. There is a very good reason that St Christopher’s Pre-Prep and Nursery was declared to be the winner in the Independent Schools Association countrywide search for the Independent Junior School of the Year 2020 as the judges declared that “Going to St Christopher’s must be a joyous experience”.

We fearlessly blend innovation with tradition at St Christopher’s. Our talented and experienced staff are specialists with this young age, which was recognised by ISI Inspectors who reported that “Pupils of all ages acquire knowledge, skills and understanding at an excellent rate in response to diligently resourced and planned activities, coupled with outstanding encouragement that they receive from their teachers.” (ISI Report, 2023)

Do come and see us on a working day and discover for yourself the sparkling creativity that makes St Christopher’s exceptional!

Bronia Grehan