Breakfast Club starts at 7:45am and you can eat as much toast and cereal as you like! After some fun activities we then lead through to Nursery which starts with the rest of the school at 8:30am. At 8:35am we join our friends in each small Key Group to have the Register. We are in Sun Group with Mrs Savill. We have to find our names on a ray of the sunshine and stick them on to the beautiful sun. We then talk about things we have done or we hear all about the exciting things that will be happening each day.


At 8:40am the whole school stops for phonics fun. We then enjoy a lively and interactive burst of phonics which is where we learn about letters and their sounds. Sometimes we have to dig for the letters or objects in sand or paper and sometimes we have pictures to match up on the Interactive White Board. I love the phonics game with the spells, cauldron and magic cape!

Wake and Shake

At 9am it is time to jump up and dance. We love to follow all the clapping and jumping games that are part of the song and we know that the exercise is good for us and wakes us up ready for our learning. We are now ready for the day!


Sometimes we join the other children in the school and go into assembly. We often hear a story and join in with a song. It is very exciting when we have a guest. I loved it when Emilia’s Uncle came in with the Gold Medal he received at Rio. Every Friday we see one of the classes perform a Class Assembly and once a term it is our turn to perform which is great fun.


During the day we take turns to do cooking in our beautiful kitchen. We have scales and chopping boards and our own bowl for mixing. Today we are making hedgehog bread rolls. We learn to weigh out the ingredients and knead the dough which is very good for making our hands strong ready for writing. When it is your birthday you have ‘cooking invitations’ to take around the Nursery and choose 4 friends to help you make a big birthday cake that we then share together. I love it when everyone sings happy birthday.

Snack table

The Snack Café is open between 9.30am and 11am. There is always an adult with us to talk to us and hear about our day or about things we like to do at home. We learn to pour our milk and water all by ourselves. We help to cut and count the fruit and vegetables and we have a wonderful knife for cucumber and apple that is sharp enough to cut but won’t hurt if it slips.


The woodwork bench is a great place to make things. We made a gate for Mary-Mary Quite-Contrary’s beautiful garden because Humpty Dumpty fell and broke her last one! Sometimes we cut wood to make a wand and then stick a star on top of it. At Christmas Mrs Rendall helped us to use the hand drill so that we could drill a hole in our Christmas tree decorations and thread in some ribbon to hang it on the tree.


At 12 pm it is lunchtime. Every day the lunches are cooked freshly by Mrs Waite and her team. She knows all our names and once a week she chooses a Lunchtime Superstar and that person gets a certificate. We have a roast every week which is my favourite but each week is different and we also have a fish and a pasta dish each week. All the food is yummy.

Mud Kitchen

In the afternoon there is a lot to do and we enjoy playing outside in the mornings too. Sometimes we go on the bikes and scooters. I love going in the Woodland Adventure area and when it was cold we made ice sculptures and hung them up on a tree. We love the Mud Kitchen and enjoy making lots of mud pies for our games. In the summer the Water Wall is just brilliant.

Time to say goodbye

When it is time to go home we shake hands with our teacher and say a lovely big goodbye. Some children go home at 12pm and some have a late morning and stay for lunch going home at 1.30pm. I love the days that I stay all day and look forward to going home at 3pm. Some of my friends stay on to OWLS until 6pm and they do some wonderful crafts and games.