Staff & Governors

Headteacher Mrs Annie Thackray
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Lisa Meredith-Bennett P/ T Reception Teacher (Mars Class) & EYFS Reception Co-ordinator
Foundation Stage
Mrs Louisa Taperell P/T Reception Teacher (Mars Class)
Ms Clare Fleming P/T Reception Teacher (Neptune Class)
Miss Kate Rendall P/T Reception Teacher (Neptune Class)
Mrs Hilary Burke Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Richardson Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Laura Fisher Lead Nursery Teacher
Mrs Emily Lane Nursery Teacher
Mrs Chris Ansell Foundation Stage Asst.
Miss Zuzana Kova Foundation Stage Asst.
Miss Mimi Pennington Foundation Stage Asst.
Mrs Lisa Savill Foundation Stage Asst.
Mrs Marrie Taylor Foundation Stage Asst.
Mrs Lucy Vince Foundation Stage Asst.
Upper School
 Teaching Staff Mrs Jen Leyland Year One Teacher (Saturn Class)
Miss Alison Kay Year One Teacher (Jupiter Class), After-School Care Leader
Mrs Rosemary Rendall Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Roberts Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jennie Skilton Year One Teaching Assistant
Mrs Luisa Thurston Year One Teaching Assistant
Miss Jemima Drayton Senior Teacher   Year Two Teacher (Mercury Class)
Mrs Elizabeth Russell Year Two Teacher (Venus Class)
Mrs Michelle Bohn Year Two Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janine Clark Year Two Teaching Assistant
Specialist Teaching Staff Miss Shona Louvell Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Jules Degg Art Director
Mrs Helen Mulhern Music Teacher
Mrs Sarah Pryor PE Teacher
Mrs Vicky James Modern Languages Teacher
Non-teaching Staff Mrs Helen Serrano Bursar
Miss Nicola Green Finance Assistant
Mrs Helen Blake School Secretary
Mrs Emily Tudor Williams School Secretary
Mrs Danielle Henry Receptionist and Admin Assistant
Mrs Kathy Waite Catering Supervisor
Mrs Sarah Lovatt Senior Catering Assistant
Ms Katerina Kouniaki Catering Assistant
Mr Neal Bennett Premises Manager
Miss Hollie King Premises Assistant
Mrs Sandra Barnes After-School Care Assistant
Mrs Kay Bischofer After-School Care Assistant
Ms Andrea Brown After-School Care Assistant
Miss Chelsea Kemp After-School Care Assistant
Mrs Ruth Thum Librarian
Miss Harriet Bourne Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Paris Mersh Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Luisa Thurston Lunchtime Supervisor

“The quality of leadership and management, including links with parents, carers and guardians, is excellent. Leaders and managers at all levels are highly successful in promoting the aims of the school.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

“The contribution of teaching is excellent. Teachers throughout the school are well supported by knowledgeable assistants who provide excellent support with activities and in lessons. The teacher’s enthusiasm and strong rapport with their pupils create a highly productive learning environment in which pupils can flourish.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

Kirsty Park Chair, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development, E-Safety
Helen Crossley Deputy Chair, Academic & Curriculum, Child Protection & Safeguarding, School Development, Bursaries
Dominic Roberts Finance, Chair Finance Committee
Nadia Oozeerally Child Protection & Safeguarding
Stephen Mainstone IT
Bryan O’Callaghan Data, Finance, Bursaries
Dawn Bhoma Legal Matters, Bursaries
Elizabeth Hibbert Marketing, School Development
Mark O’Halloran Health & Safety, School Development
Ciara Chellun Parent Communication, Marketing, School Development

“The governance of the school is excellent. The governing body exercises highly effective oversight of the school. Governors play a key role in school improvement, reviewing the development plan termly with management, and providing an invaluable combination of support and challenge to leadership. They are well known to staff, parents and pupils, who feel able to communicate freely with them.” ISI Inspection Report 2016

The chair of Governors Mrs Kirsty Park can be contacted directly at

Kirsty Park – Chair, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development and E-Safety

I became Chair of Governors in June 2021 and I have been part of the Board of Governors since 2017 just after my daughter left St Christopher’s.

Having experienced and appreciated the exceptional all-round education and positive impact St Christopher’s has had on my daughter, I was delighted to be invited onto the Board of Governors and volunteer my time which has allowed me to continue being closely involved with the school.

It is a privilege to work with such a talented team in my role as Chair. My responsibilities include the important areas of Child Protection & Safeguarding, Compliance, School Development and E-Safety and I sit on a number of sub-groups.

I have over 20 years policing experience in the Metropolitan Police working in a diverse range of roles and I now lead a Specialist Crime Unit. I am really enjoying using my skills and experience to work collaboratively with the team of dedicated governors, hard-working staff, supportive parents and of course the lovely children that make St Christopher’s the inspirational and successful school that it is.

Helen Crossley – Deputy Chair, Academic & Curriculum, School Development, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Bursaries

I became a governor in 2012 following my retirement as Head of Junior School at Ewell Castle. I previously held the post of Deputy Head of the Junior School at City of London Freemen’s School. I still work on a part-time basis, mentoring BA and PGCE student teachers when they are working in schools. I was the Chair of Governors from November 2016 to June 2021.

My role as a governor at St Christopher’s is especially concerned with curriculum matters, bursaries, Child Protection and Safeguarding and School Development.

It is a pleasure to be able to use the experience I gained, throughout my career, in a strategic role within such a high achieving school. A school in which everyone is working together to give an outstanding start to the journey through life for our young pupils.

Dominic Roberts – Chair Finance Committee

I joined the school’s Board of Governors in 2019 and am a Chartered Accountant by background, having specialised in providing advice to Companies looking to access, or already listed, on the stock markets.   Nowadays I am the managing partner responsible for setting and overseeing the strategic direction of the business, developing our team members, and promoting the wellbeing of our people.   Perhaps unsurprisingly my primary area of focus on behalf of the Governors covers the School’s finances and I currently chair the finance committee.

I’m lucky enough to be the father of two girls who were nurtured at St Christopher’s and both of these young St Christopher’s Alumni continue to cherish the friends and memories from their years at the school.  During my time as a St Christopher’s parent I witnessed first-hand the passion that the entire St Christopher’s team has for ensuring the best possible start for their young learners.  The team’s own commitment to excellence and continual development remains clear, whilst always placing the children’s needs first.  I am therefore grateful to be able to volunteer my time to the St Christopher’s community and assist the School in continuing to provide a wonderful start to the educational lives of your children in the years to come.


Stephen Mainstone – IT

It was a great honour for me to be invited onto the Board of Governors in 2018. As a parent I felt hugely privileged to have been part of the St Christopher’s family for over 7 years. I have two daughters who both attended St Christopher’s from nursery through to Year 2; the youngest of whom departed in the summer of 2018. Both thoroughly enjoyed their time and therefore it is with great pleasure I now have the opportunity to continue that relationship and help the school moving forwards.

I am a Technologist with over 15 years experience in technology consulting and software development. I currently specialise in electronic trading automation for an investment bank.

I look forward to supporting the school with the same drive, dedication and enthusiasm that was given to my daughters during their wonderful journey at St Christopher’s.

Bryan O’Callaghan – Data and Finance

I was delighted to accept the invitation to join the school’s Board of Governors in 2019.

Originally hailing from Dublin, my wife and I chose Epsom as our home in 2006. Our daughter absolutely loved her time at St Christopher’s, thriving in its warm, productive environment until her departure in 2019. During this time, as a Class Representative for her year, I enjoyed liaising with the parents, the school and the PTA.

Professionally, I consult on business transformations across many industries (including professional services, new media, broadcasting, charities and environmental solutions) but primarily within financial services. These roles allow me to engage with people from Board level to new starters, improving their organisations – for the business, its staff and customers alike – through changes in operational process and technological advancements.

As Governor, my role covers finance and across the Board’s remit. It is my pleasure to work with the school’s wonderful team to further enhance the already outstanding experience enjoyed by the children and parents who join the St Christopher’s family.

Dawn Bhoma – Legal Matters

I felt absolutely honoured to be invited to serve as a governor to St Christopher’s school. My son and daughter both attended the school from the nursery through until Year 2 and the only negative was how quickly the time went. I am therefore delighted to stay connected with the unique St Christopher’s school community. My two children are extremely privileged to have attended such a wonderful school and I look forward to being able to help the school in any way that I can in my capacity as governor.

I was a lawyer at City law firms for 12 years before I left to join the insurance industry. I now run my own underwriting business which specialises in Mergers & Acquisitions.

I can’t wait to come back to the school to see some of the legendary, West-End standard St Christopher’s performances! My role as governor will be to assist on any legal issues that arise but also to help the school to evolve as all good schools should.

Elizabeth Hibbert –  Marketing, School Development

My St Christopher’s journey started in 2014 as a prospective parent attending my first Open Day.  Since that date St Christopher’s  has continued to impress me with its exceptional standards across every area of school life. I became PTA Chair in 2017, which was a fantastic experience, enabling me to be closely involved in the school community and make a contribution. This year, now that both of my daughters are on the next stage of their academic journey, I was delighted to receive an invitation to continue my association with the School as governor responsible for Marketing and the School Development Plan. I shall bring my knowledge as a parent together with my skills in marketing and communication to this role. Formerly an Agency Director in a leading recruitment communications agency, I am now a writer, with my own copywriting and marketing consultancy business.

I am very much looking forward to my continued involvement in a school which is truly special and has given our two girls such a wonderful start in life.

school to evolve as all good schools should.

Mark O’Halloran –  Health & Safety, School Development

It was a great honour for me to be invited to join the Board of Governors in 2021.

My son and daughter were fortunate and privileged to attend St Christopher’s from Nursery through to Year 2. They both have great memories and thoroughly enjoyed their time, giving them a wonderful start to life.

Being invited to return as a Governor allows me the opportunity to give something back and I look forward to being able to assist the school in any capacity that I can.

I’m Managing Director of a small property development company. The day to day running of the business involves negotiating land and property deals whilst meeting our client’s needs.