What is the School Council?

We are a group of children who meet with Miss Hugget once a term, to discuss how we can make St Christopher’s an even better school. The governors, headteacher, teachers and parents all get to say what they think – the School Council will be a chance for us, the children, to say what we think.

The Council has a chairperson and a pupil from each class. We meet once a term. At the beginning of each school year, we decide who we want to be on the Council. Each pupil votes for one person from their class to represent their views.

Tips on Voting:

You cannot vote for yourself

You do not need to vote for your best friend – they will not know who you have voted for because it is a secret!

It does not have to be a confident or chatty person – just someone who is sensible and will get the job done and give your class lots of information when they come back from their meeting.

Do not accept any bribes. That’s when someone promises to give you something like their morning snack if you vote for them!

What can we change?

We will help decide on things we want to change or improve and then report back to our classes and ask pupils to vote. For example, do we want to change our morning snack, have more playground activities, have more menu choices at lunchtime?

We can decide what we want our class representative to discuss on our behalf at the next Council Meeting.

In 2021 the School Council along with the whole school raised money for Casey Children’s Ward

The School Council Visit the Meru Charity Workshop – October 2016

The School Councillors were lucky enough to visit Meru’s workshop in Epsom. They were able to see how the BUGZI chair is made and had a go at using the controls!

About 26 families are waiting for a BUGZI for their child, it costs £3,000 to make one BUGZI. Meru do lots of fantastic work.

We needed to raise money so that Meru can make these chairs for the families who are waiting. The School Council had thought of lots of ways we could raise money, so that we could help them and make other children happy.


With the help of our lovely parents, during the school year we raised £5,562!!!

How do we make change happen?

Parking Issues

The School Council has been thinking about how we can help with the parking issue at St. Christopher’s. We all arrive at the same time and there are not enough places to park all the cars. Our parents can get cross and our neighbours can get fed up if we block their driveways.

In our meeting – we discussed possible solutions: sharing cars, walking further, bus, taxi, scooter or bike or maybe even a minibus!

We then decided we had to let all our parents know what we are trying to achieve. How could we remind them every day to think about where and how they park?

We came up with the idea of putting posters on lamp posts.

Before the posters were put up on the lamp posts, the School Council had to write to Epsom & Ewell Council requesting permission to display the notices. After a long wait, E&E council replied saying they thought this was a very good idea and they were happy to give us permission. The School Council then decided to run a competition inviting all pupils to design a poster. The School Council chose the winning 6 posters which were put up in Chartwell Place. Each of the winners won a bright, loud hooter to fit to their scooters or bikes for when they make their way to school without a car!

One of our Chartwell Place neighbours was delighted to see our posters asking for parents to park with care and thanked the School Council for their thoughtful action