The governors of St Christopher’s are committed to broadening access to the school by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees, and this may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 50% on tuition fees payable.  This is known as a Bursary.  This award would be dependent on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of the applicants.

Financial support is available for entrants to Reception class either from the school’s nursery or other setting where parents/guardians are unable to fund the tuition fees or to existing pupils in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 where a change in the circumstances of parents/guardians has resulted in difficulty meeting the tuition fees.

All applications are treated in the strictest confidence and applicants would be expected to exercise the same discretion.

For further information please contact Bursar on 01372 846984 or complete and submit form below.

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