What our parents are saying about us in 2023…

Lovely team of staff, family atmosphere and lots of fun activities for the children. Would strongly recommend to other parents!”– Nursery Parent

Creating a safe and fun environment with a fluent and easy transition into Reception. Amazing staff who really care and know each individual child.– Reception Parent

“I am ease knowing that my son is in the best place he could be. He loves it here and so do I!” – Pre-Reception Parent 

We could not be more pleased to be part of this special school… the staff are caring and intuitive and the pupils are exposed to amazing learning opportunities and encouraged to reach their full potential” – Year 2 Parent

What our parents are saying about us in 2022…

. Simply outstanding and we’re very lucky to have such an amazing group of people teaching and caring for our children!” – Nursery Parent

Creative and imaginative curriculum, high standards around behaviour resulting in great manners. Brilliant teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable– Year 1 Parent

The teachers identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses very quickly, building on the former and addressing the latter, very impressive” – Pre-Reception Parent 

We feel very grateful that both of our sons have been able to experience the St Christopher’s magic. The school is hugely ambitious, for the children and for itself, and the incredible care and dedication shown by the whole team is outstanding. We recommend St Christopher’s to anyone who asks and will be very sad to leave” – Year 2 Parent

“The school prepares them so beautifully to be confident, to speak up, to make their voices heard even when they are really small.” – Reception Parent

What our parents are said about us in 2021…

“We are extremely proud of our son and the wonderful progress he has made this year.  He has really flourished during his time at St Christopher’s and we would like to thank you for all your guidance and support – especially during such an unprecedented year!” – Year 2 Parent

“We are so grateful for all you do and for the extraordinary lengths you have gone to during this pandemic! Mrs Thackray and the team at St Christopher’s truly are legendary in the area for what you have achieved!  I’m so proud to say both my children got to start school life at St Christopher’s – Year 2 Parent

“St Christopher’s Nursery is such a special place.  From the caring and enthusiastic staff to the wealth of opportunities little ones get to experience every day” – Pre Reception Parent 

“During the pandemic the St Christopher’s children have been so incredibly lucky to have teachers that have pulled out all the stops to ensure that they still have some amazing experiences and memories to look back on – thank you so much! – Year 2 Parent

St Christopher’s is outstanding. Our daughter joined the school at pre-reception and is now in reception! She is flourishing in all aspects of both her educational and emotional development thanks to the incredible team at the school.” – Reception Parent

What our parents said about us in 2020…

When lockdown 1 hit, the school were ahead of the game and provided access to an array of outstanding home learning resources and platforms to all years. Parents were not abandoned and were supported every step of the way. – Reception Parent

“The school provides fantastic opportunities to experience varied and exciting activities, which spark the children’s curiosity” – Year 1 Parent

We are so thrilled with our decision to move our son to the school.  He is thriving and thoroughly enjoys his time there” – Nursery Parent

“Since our son started St Christopher’s in pre nursery, we have watched him grow from being quite shy to a very confident boy. All the staff at St Christopher’s are extremely caring, approachable and nurturing” – Pre Reception Parent

Our daughter has only just joined the school and we can already see the positive impact it’s having in her!  She’s excited to go to school and has settled in so well” – Pre Reception Parent

“St Christopher’s makes every day unforgettable for its pupils.  Caring, high achieving and original.  Wonderful staff, premises and full of opportunity.  Every child is truly lucky to be there” – Year 2 Parent

My little boy often says to me “I love my school, my friends and my teachers” what more could you ask for as a parent! Thank You – Pre Reception Parent

What our parents said about us in 2019…

At least once a week either my husband or I say to one another ‘Thank goodness we chose St Christopher’s for our kids’. Time and time again we are seeing the benefits from their time at the school- academic, social and emotional.” – Pre Reception Parent

St Christopher’s is an incredible school which is led from the top with total commitment to quality and achievement in everything that it does. Those values reflect in the children’s abilities, confidence, behaviour, ethics and academic progress by the time they leave in year 2. The school is simply loved by pupils, ex pupils and parents alike thanks to a close, warm and mutually supportive whole school community. Thanks for everything you do.” – Year 2 Parent

“The school is outstanding in all areas I couldn’t be happier to have my daughters here – they are both happy, confident, well-rounded little girls who come home smiling and full of stories about their day every day. My daughter is flourishing in Reception- her reading, writing and maths have developed unbelievably over one term and she loves being in school and learning. We couldn’t ask for more” – Reception Parent

“I believe the teaching to be excellent. There is excellent management from the top down. My daughter loves school. We only wish it went to 11+” – Year 1 Parent

“Pastoral care for pre reception is second to none.” – Pre Reception Parent

“Every day is a wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you.  A wonderful environment, amazing people and such a friendly atmosphere.  Attention to detail is second to none.” – Year 1 Parent

“What an amazing first few years of schooling St Christopher’s provides, if only it could last for longer. We are so glad we chose St Christopher’s. Thank you for all the incredible staff dedication and Head leadership.” – Year 2 Parent

“We could not have chosen a better school for our daughter- she is taught every single year by incredible and experienced teachers. The school is a little world of positivity, kindness and security-simply fabulous for young children. Thank you for all that you do for our very lucky children.” – Year 2 Parent