Your child’s first 7 years are the formative years of life. We are specialists in the education of 3 to 7 year olds with no older children to distract us! Our qualified and talented staff have just the right level of expertise to guide your children in a nurturing and happy environment offering you choice for the next stage of your journey. Our well rounded, capable children are much sought after by the next schools with 100% of parents securing their 1st or 2nd choice of school. At 3 years old it is too early to know each child’s ability and learning preference but at 7 the child has matured and we are able to support and guide each family with a choice that is just right for them.


When you are 3 it is a delight to have the oldest children at the top of your school aged just 6 and 7. It is a place to grow in confidence. Our Year 2 children all enjoy a range of honours designed to offer the highest levels of esteem and to encourage responsibility. From the pastoral honour of being a ‘Blue Bench’ monitor ensuring playtime happiness to the thrill of being a Lunchtime Captain, able to assist staff and encourage in the dining hall, the variation of responsibilities is endless.


We treasure the responsibility of switching your child on to the joy of education for life. By creating irresistible learning opportunities even the most cautious child cannot wait to join in with our cleverly prepared learning activities. With our small classes there is nowhere to hide so every child blossoms and flourishes in academic and creative studies with the added sparkle of enhanced performance skills encouraged at every opportunity.


We run by a devoted Board of Governors with a responsibility to reinvest in the school. Accordingly we are noted for our beautiful and well-kept setting in addition to our generous staffing ratios. This commitment begins at the very start of your child’s education with two qualified Teachers in Nursery ably assisted by 6 qualified Teaching Assistants. Even at this young age, children benefit from qualified specialist teachers who are experts in their field and our children receive additional tuition from teachers specialising in PE, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, IT and Art.


As well as the rich selection of opportunities that we give our children, we also have our eye on the next level of inspiration. Accordingly our termly trips and visitors to the school all have enrichment at the heart of each choice. Our cross-curricular Topics securing skills in History and Geography as well as the core subjects are novel and exciting such as Pole to Pole which enabled the children to enjoy endless ice experiments in Science as well as re-enact the race to the North Pole complete with huskies (well toy huskies) and flags!


As experts of young children we know that change must always be managed with care for both children and their parents. Our unique transition process includes the parents at the heart of the process so that they are introduced to the child’s key team before their child begins each year group and this much praised process continues all the way through the school. Our school has been described as a happy, warm community and our commitment to communication is paramount.


We are not constrained by the rigidity of the National Curriculum but ensure that our excellent results are achieved with a ‘lid off’ flexibility that allows progress not to be held back by age restricted boundaries. All of our teachers have the next year group’s objectives available so that children are able to access a range of challenges during every lesson. Our qualified SENCO (Special Educational Needs Officer) is a teacher who works closely with Class Teachers enhancing our commitment to personalised learning offering support when additional care will ensure greater understanding or indeed enrichment for all those children also needing extension to offer equality of challenge.


Although we are well-known for our academic results we understand the value and importance of educating the whole child. Our extraordinary Music Department enables our young children to play in a School Orchestra, in addition every child in Year 2 learns an instrument. Our specialist Art Director introduces age appropriate termly introductions to artists both famous and contemporary. In process driven activities, and carefully managed experiences such as metal work and woodwork which have won prizes both locally and in National competitions.

“The Best Possible Start”

It is our aim to provide you with a school that gives your child the best possible start to their education. We were delighted to have this aspiration recognised and celebrated in our full ISI Inspection (please click here to read the report).