Welcome to St Christopher's: Nurturing the Early Years!

The first seven years of your child’s life are the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. At St Christopher’s, we specialise in the education of children aged 2¾ to 7, dedicating our focus exclusively to this crucial age group, free from distractions of older children.

Our highly qualified and talented staff bring expertise to create a nurturing and joyful environment. We guide your children through their formative years, laying the groundwork for their educational journey ahead.

Our well-rounded and capable children are in high demand by subsequent schools, boasting a 100% success rate in parents securing their preferred 1st or 2nd choice of school.

While it’s too early, at 3 years old, to determine each child’s ability and learning preference, by the age of 7, your child has matured. We stand ready to support and guide each family in making a choice that is just right for them. Join us at St Christopher’s, where the early years are the heart of a thriving educational experience!


Discover joy at St Christopher’s!

At just 3 years old, your child will delight in the friendship with older pupils aged 6 and 7, creating a place to grow in confidence. Our Year 2 children enjoy a range of honours, from being a ‘Blue Bench’ monitor for playtime happiness to the excitement of being a Lunchtime Captain, able to assist staff in the dining hall. The opportunities for responsibility are endless, fostering growth and happiness.


Ignite your child’s love for leaning at St Christopher’s!

Our carefully crafted learning activities are irresistible, drawing even the most cautious child into a world of exploration and discovery. With small class sizes ensuring every child thrives, we go beyond academics, nurturing creativity and enhanced performance skills. Join us on a journey where learning becomes an irresistible adventure.


Our School is overseen by our devoted Board of Governors, committed to reinvesting in the school for the benefit of our pupils. Renowned for our beautiful setting and generous staffing ratios, excellence begins from the start. In our Nursery, experienced qualified teachers and dedicated teaching assistants guide your child’s first steps in education. Specialist teachers in PE, Music, Modern Foreign Languages, IT and Art ensure a well-rounded and enriching educational experience.


Elevate your child’s inspiration at St Christopher’s!

Our carefully chosen termly trips and visitors aim to deepen understanding across subjects. Explore cross-curricular topics like “Pole to Pole” where Science becomes an adventure in endless ice experiments and a re-enactment of the race to the North Pole with toy huskies. Join us on a journey where every learning experience is novel and exciting.


Experience a partnership in education at St Christopher’s!

Recognising the importance of change, our transition process involves parents from the start. Meet the key team for each year group, creating a seamless and praised transition throughout your child’s school years. In our warm and happy community, communication is paramount, making the parent-school relationship a true partnership.


Break free from educational boundaries at St Christopher’s!

Unconstrained by the National Curriculum, we embrace a ‘lid off’ flexibility, allowing each child to progress without age restrictions. Our dynamic approach equips teachers with objectives from the next year group, fostering an environment where challenges are limitless.


Explore creativity at St Christopher’s!

Beyond academic excellence, our Music Department invites even the youngest to play in a School Orchestra, and every Year 2 child embarks on the enriching journey of learning an instrument. Our specialist Art Director introduces artists and facilitates engaging activities like metalwork and woodwork, where our children have earned prizes locally and in national competitions. Join us in nurturing the whole child through creative exploration.