Air Ambulance Day

Supporting the amazing work that London Air Ambulance do every day was a privilege but also a pleasure. From dressing up (as something connected with the medical profession) to a day of exciting creative challenges, our day was packed with competitions, prizes and above all, fun.

Our Design and Technology challenges involved making and flying paper  helicopters and creating pulleys and winches to rescue patients on our hand made stretchers. The cooking challenges also presented enjoyable and tasty fun. A crash site allowed us to use the information we learnt from our guest visitor Dr Matt, an Air Ambulance Doctor, and put it to practical use as he talked us through one excellent first aid tips.

We all enjoyed a themed treasure hunt too that took us across the frosty school grounds to find golden treasure of the edible kind! We had a fabulous day and raised over £1000 too!

Please also see the post on the London Ambulance website