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A Career to Contemplate

Every year Shrove Tuesday falls on a different date according to the variety of dates that are designated to Easter.  Depending on your age you will refer to this date either by its religious description of Shrove Tuesday referenced by the more mature members of the population or by its child friendly title; Pancake Day.  This year Pancake Day falls in half term but this didn’t stop the whole school stopping today to pile into the playground to competitively run the Inter House Relay Race complete with frying pans and extremely robust pancakes to flip. My observant readers will have noticed that my description of this day belies my age for I am well and truly lodged in the child friendly world!

My language reflects the child like world of amazement and wonder that I inhabit and I spend my days talking enthusiastically, energetically and with emphasised clarity so that I can take my young students along with me making stories and education interesting and accessible for all. And it’s not just my language.  Every term during special House Days I am asked which House I am in; Blue, Red, Yellow or Green?  The answer is of course that I am impartially in EVERY House. That has not stopped the children checking on a House Day if I am accidentally wearing green, blue or red (though rarely yellow!) if I am now showing a particular affinity?  My competitive Staff love to wear their House Colours to show allegiance and so I determined to purchase a combined colour item for these special days.

The photo accompanying this Blog shows my triumphant attire perfectly representing all four Houses in one jumper! I have resisted the questions emanating from my supportive though possibly jealous staff asking what I have done with Zippy and Bungle, or how many knit one purl one rows it took me to create my colourful jumper? I have chosen to focus on the children’s delighted comments recognising the glorious representation of all four Houses in just one sweep.

As I took my place on the starting line holding my frying pan tightly ready to run as fast as possible whilst flipping a pancake that had surely some cement as part of its ingredients, I listened to the cheers from the children and smiled. My Masters degree may not be relevant every day in this extraordinary role but this is the perfect job for me!

Annie Thackray