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A Celebrity Visit

This year St Christopher’s School celebrate our 80th birthday and we have enjoyed a raft of special activities across the year in honour of this momentous event with more fun still to come. The theme of this summer term reflects our special year; ‘Living to 80 and beyond being happy and healthy!’
To start the term off with a flourish we invited famous Dr Ranj Singh known more affectionately just as Dr Ranj. This charismatic doctor has the rare distinction of being a TV personality admired by both adults for his appearances as resident doctor on This Morning and children for his super CBeebies show ‘Be happy be healthy and get well soon’. On top of his fame he is actually a practising NHS clinician whose work focuses mainly on the wellbeing of children and young adults. He is passionate about teaching children to be lifesavers and has several video clips showing techniques to deal with aspects such as what to do when someone is choking which have been cited as saving 6 lives.
Dr Ranj arrived at school full of energy with his dazzling smile and headed straight into Nursery to open and admire the new Role Play Area, appropriately named Dr Ranj’s Medical Centre’. After chatting to the children and answering questions from the Head Boy and Girl Team he joined the rest of the school on the field for some fun fitness led by Miss Kate Rendall. I loved the energy and joy generated by his enthusiasm and all the children together with staff and some parents who had joined us followed his lead dancing, jumping and smiling in the glorious sunshine.
After a water break we headed into assembly to hear Dr Ranj’s advice and he demonstrated how to deal with choking as well as giving other pieces of invaluable advice about how to react in a crisis when you are only a child and he reinforced how valuable your help can be even when you are only small.
The children all waved goodbye and away he swept with our sincere thanks. The conversations about keeping fit and especially being a lifesaver have continued to my delight and parents have approached me impressed with the information that their child took away from this fantastic day. What a glorious start to the term!
Annie Thackray