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To Run Is Such Fun!

Today we put down our pencils and put on our running shoes to help to make a difference in the world. One of the aims of Sports Relief as stated by the organisers is to ‘improve lives starting with your own’. This national initiative wanted to get the country moving improving health and wellbeing in schools whilst fundraising for some important worldwide projects and St Christopher’s children do not need to be asked twice as we have an excellent track history of raising an impressive amount for this event.

Sports  Relief began as a concept in March 2010. It has always received celebrity support and the aim to raise funds is firmly linked to exercise and fun. The idea of a ‘1 mile Sponsored Run’ appealed to us because it was achievable and just enough of a challenge to to engage our enthusiastic young sportsmen. We decided to partner Nursery children with Year 2 and Reception children with Year 1 and, as the children charged off with delight the older child offered a hand of confidence to the little ones which just worked and new friendships blossomed all across the grounds.  The beaming smiles and joyful pride was evident everywhere and we were all so proud of the little legs that just kept on running.

This year we began with the Sports Relief 2018 dance and parents reading this Blog might want to click on the official dance link and ask your child for a demonstration! If not do check out the video clip on our Twitter Page. We also purchased eight official Sports Relief teddies in House Colours and Staff identified the older children who showed particular kindness to their tiny partner and the most encouraging two in each House were awarded a bear in their House coloured cape.

It wasn’t much to ask- a morning of fitness and exercise promoting fundraising and awareness of children in the world who are fighting their own struggles and who need our help. We were delighted to be a colourful part of this national event and my goodness me did we enjoy every minute!

Annie Thackray