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A Happy New Building Ready for a Happy New Year.

Well what a wonderful start to 2019! Our stunning new Nursery Room was completed during the Christmas holidays and the children entered with excited delight on the first day back. This lovely big room complete with underfloor heating has beautiful views across the grounds which allow the children to learn and play in light and comfort and the Staff to set up even more irresistible learning activities.

We have all enjoyed our return to school after a well-deserved festive break.  The children are a few centimetres taller and keen to crack on with their fascinating new topics. Reception are learning about ‘Space’ and the engagement of such young children is a joy to see as they are introduced to rockets, planets  and aliens to name but a few. Who wouldn’t want to sift through ‘moon dust’ for numbers and then add those numbers together for launch pad codes!  Year 1 are enjoying their geography focus topic, ‘Its a Wonderful World’ and this week has been about animals and reptiles from around the world with a delightful visit by Tom’s Talking Reptiles- do see the Year 1 news. For Year 2 it is all about ‘The Victorians’ and studying Oliver Twist has been a successful way into this subject encouraging children to want to discover more about the extremes of poverty and wealth.

The school year is a thrill to be a part of. The Autumn Term with so many new experiences for the children has enabled growth and resilience to take place and here we are in the Spring Term with our eager children ready to add to their knowledge bank now confident to try and savour the next exciting steps. Watching this development take place is a privilege. It seems such a short time ago that the children were taking their first learning steps in our Nursery and here they are accessing and navigating every area of the curriculum with ease and success. We are in for a very enjoyable new year.

Annie Thackray