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A School for All Seasons

It is a truth well known in a primary school, that as soon as you hear spontaneous cheering, a glance out of the window will confirm that it is snowing! Sure enough there have been a few opportunities to cheer during January but on Friday the children were smiling from ear to ear as the shining white field beckoned for snow fun and our clever cooks, anticipating the snow, replaced the cold milk at break time with some delicious hot chocolate for a treat.

A decent covering of snow is rare in Surrey and accordingly we know to respond quickly when snow begins to fall. Wellies and waterproofs are hurriedly donned and the field is quickly filled with snow angels, snowmen, snow ball fun and sheer curiosity. We have made beautiful ice discs with leaves and bark shimmering in a circle of ice and we have put snow on to glass slides to investigate this fascinating and beautiful substance. We were particularly proud of our little Snow Dog too.

The school setting looks stunning in the snow but as winter gives way to spring the grass surrounded by beautiful trees also make for an irresistible play time. It is difficult to believe that last summer the grass turned light brown, scorched by the surprisingly hot sunshine but even this withstood the pounding by hundreds of tiny feet as they made the most of outdoor play and learning. I don’t know if we have seen the last of the snow but I will listen out for the cheer that will give me my cue during the next few weeks.

Annie Thackray