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What a Difference Half a Term Makes

On the last day of half term we held our annual traditional Harvest Festival round in the beautiful setting of St Martin’s Church. This old British tradition combines so many important values including kindness and generosity and the Festival itself celebrates the beauty of nature through poetry, dance and song.

Learning to think about others is an essential part of a child’s education and our young children listened with care as we talked about families who don’t have enough food to eat or warm homes to live in and immediately wanted to make a difference. Each year group chose a different contribution for Epsom Foodbank such as ‘Marvellous Mains’ and ‘Delicious Desserts’ and we were thrilled to see so many Harvest contributions for this important charity.

The children may have only been in school for a few weeks but during this time their learning has changed them immeasurably. Every child in the school was able to learn a poem and a song and more importantly master the skill to perform it to a big audience of delighted parents and guests. What a performance we enjoyed with every child dazzling us with their courage and skills at public speaking. Year 2 narrate the entire Festival and they shone displaying exceptional talents inspiring others as they showed what children at the top of the school can achieve.

And so we all watched in awe as our narrators, soloists, dancers and performers showed us all what a difference six short weeks can make.