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Strictly Superb

In April Dr Ranj Singh came to St Christopher’s as part of our 80th Birthday celebrations. Dr Ranj is famous for being a television doctor but in real life he is an amazingly talented real doctor who specialises in paediatric emergency medicine. He is all about saving lives and is quick to think of innovative ways of educating the nation to join him with this aim. He is inspirational.

Dr Ranj has a wonderful way of communicating with children and his CBeebies show is informative, educational and pitch perfect for our young age group. Dr Ranj feels strongly that everyone should have a basic training in first aid and he also believes that this includes young children. He gave a wonderful presentation in our assembly and modelled some classic first aid techniques to our children who listened with care.

When Dr Ranj arrived at school, before opening our Nursery Role Play medical surgery and presenting his assembly, we took him out of his comfort zone and asked him to lead a Keep Fit routine with the children and their parents and all the staff joined in enthusiastically too.  With his famous smile and boundless energy he launched into the new routine without practice and without hesitation.

This Saturday he inspired us once again in a different but equally important way. He swapped his scrubs for glittery dancing shoes and really dazzled on Strictly Come Dancing. He modelled a very strongly held ethos at St Christopher’s which is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. We tell the children that anything is possible with enough effort and we encourage them to broaden their horizons and try new things. We also love a competition and we will be cheering on @TeamDrRanj. He may have had some excellent comments from the judges but just wait till he learns that we gave him 10 Housepoints for his magnificent routine! Well done Dr Ranj and good luck next week.

Annie Thackray