Space and Light in the Explorer Dome

Reception had a wonderful morning exploring Space and Light inside the Dome and then finishing with a mesmerising Bubble show out of the dome. We began by looking at Planet Earth before moving to outer space with the sun, moon, nebula (space clouds) and stars. The children were told Greek Myths in an exciting way which led to them learning about constellations in Space. They particularly enjoyed hearing about Orion and his dog Sirius, before looking up and spotting the star patterns at the top of the dome. Next we explored sources of Light and our clever Reception children impressed with their knowledge. They did learn that the moon is not a source of light but the light we see is reflected from the sun. The children also had fun creating shadows and were surprised when suddenly it started ‘raining’ inside the dome and a rainbow appeared! Finally we had a fabulous bubble show like no other! We quickly learnt that as long as a bubble stays wet it will not pop, but as soon as it hits something dry it will burst. Amazing bubbles were created by adding helium and carbon dioxide. We even had a bubble on fire by adding propane! The dry ice was ‘cool’ (-80 degrees) and we loved watching it turn into a frothing potion. We had fun blowing on the dry ice too, to see who could create the most smoky fog!