The Great Read 2019

This year we held our 6th reading competition entitled The Great Read featuring Year 2 teams from 6 different schools: St Christopher’s, Holbrook, St Martin’s, Epsom Primary, St Giles and Kingswood Primary. The theme was taken from the classic book round choice; The Wind in the Willows. Entrants arrived on to the riverbank and were greeted by Ratty who put them in his boat where they gilded into the Hall through mist and past a beautiful fountain. The audience admired Toad Hall, Toad’s crashed yellow caravan and the lovely picnic scene as well as Badger’s Burrow where the contestants refreshments were served. Other books featured in the competition were a non-fiction study of Lowry and the contemporary choice ‘The Queen’s Tale’ by Kaye Umansky who also attended the event and judged the poetry competition. Lowry’s Manchester Art Gallery and the Queen’s bedroom were also recreated as part of the magic all lovingly designed and built by our incredible Art Director Mrs Jules Degg.

The mixed school teams enjoyed an evening of challenge with questions read by Mr Toad the Quiz Master surrounding  the set texts before prizes generously donated by Epsom College and medals and certificates were given to all. The next morning every child in the school arrived by boat to complete a very successful venture including the wonderful Mrs Russell who devised and organised The Great Read together with Mrs Thackray!