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Awesome Autumn

So, we are back from our summer holidays and what a summer it has been! However you spent your summer break you can surely not have escaped the incredible blue skies and glorious sunshine that lit up every day of July and August and ensured that meals could be enjoyed al fresco and children could be outside playing from morning till dusk.

It is rare to complete the summer term without events involving outdoor fun being postponed due to typically British inclement weather and yet there we were with summer fetes, Country Dancing displays and Sports Days where the only potential clouds in the organiser’s skies were how to provide sufficient additional shade and water!

The predicted Indian Summer continues with a lovely warm and sunny start to the autumn term and this has provided us with the perfect start to the new term. When reading an article about the Jewish New Year,  Rosh Hashannah which began this week, I was struck by a sentence about blending the new with the old; ‘you can’t start the new year without coming to an understanding of the old’.

Well, the old academic year for us was a particularly joyful one. We celebrated our 80th year and enjoyed a wealth of special events including a whole school trip to Ladyland Farm, the gift of a teddy bear for every child and some particularly exciting guests pictured below. Being conducted by leading British composer Bob Chilcott, visited by the Royal Wedding  Couple ( well a miniature version!), taught rugby by former Irish Captain Paul Burke and dancing with our First Aid instructor  the famous Dr Ranj (who will be dancing every Saturday on BBC 1) was just extraordinary!  We sashayed through last year enjoying every exciting opportunity and we are now full of anticipation about what the new academic year will bring.

Annie Thackray