World Book Day

World Book Day 2020 proved to be one of the best book days yet. Our theme for dressing up was to come as a character from your House Author’s selection of books. On Thursday the school was full of characters created by Anna KEMP, Julia DONALDSON, Allan AHLBERG,  and Roald DAHL. There were prizes in each class for the best costume which was very hard to decide with such a high standard and varied selection.
Our special featured book was Arthur’s Dreamboat by Polly Dunbar. We shared the book during the week with all the children and invited the brilliant Long Nose Theatre company to provide the children with a special performance in the morning which was enchanting. The children also made a dreamcatcher and wrote their special dreams on it.  In the afternoon the children made House Flags in their House teams which were splendid. They also made and painted little wooden boats and there were prizes for the best named boats too. Part of the prize was for the winners to ‘float their boat’ on the little pond of water at the final assembly of the day. It was a truly magnificent broom (that should read ‘day’Ed.)