Year 2 visit a Hindu Temple

On Monday Year 2 set off to Stoneleigh on the train to visit a Hindu Temple.  We believe that it is essential to teach our young children about tolerance and understanding and in an age when we read about some grown-ups who struggle to remember kindness and empathy it is more important than ever to educate the young.  As you will see from the photos some of our enthusiastic commuters consulted the Metro Newspaper to check up on current events. The train trip was a thrill and we soon arrived at Stoneleigh where we stepped into the most beautiful Temple we had seen richly decorated with flowers and colour.

We were met and guided by lovely Saidhanya whose grandfather had been involved with the creation of the stunning temple in 1994. She explained how Hinduism is all to do with the senses and together we marvelled at the sight of colour, the smell of  incense and the sound of the bell alerting the Hindus during their prayer sessions to wake up and be mindful.  We learnt about Sri Raja Rajeswary Amman, the Goddess who gave her name to the Temple who is carried around in a golden chariot during a special festival in June banishing evil and negativity.  We saw the statues and heard the stories about all of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Ganesh was introduced as the ‘remover of obstacles’ in addition to being the God of Wisdom.  We all hoped that the world would benefit from obstacles to understanding each other being removed so that the world can live in happiness and in peace and harmony.